Title: Wealth  

Author: Sylvaine 8

Genre: Gothic Billionaire Romance/Romantic Suspense   

Status: Free, Weekly Updated

Rating: 18+


Crippled and orphaned at fourteen, Valerie Matthews was taken in by leather goods billionaire Theodore Sangster IV and treated like his own child. He had three other wards, but Val was not officially adopted like the rest.

A decade later, the old man is found dead in his study. The suspects include everyone living in the isolated mansion called Briar Hill: his three adopted children and the servants. Only Val seems to be exonerated because she uses a wheelchair to get around.

Unsurprisingly, Sangster’s will names Val and his three adopted children as his principal heirs – together with one other name.

Janus Malcolm arrives at Briar Hill to claim his inheritance. His arrival comes at the most unfortunate moment, as investigators pry into the lives of the Sangster children. Janus claims to be Sangster’s only living biological child.

As Sangster’s death seems to be quickly forgotten, Val suspects that money has changed hands between her siblings and the corrupt authorities in the small town of Raven Ville. She finds some hope in the presence of the handsome and brooding Janus Malcolm, who may be as interested in finding out who murdered his father.

Janus is overwhelmed by the change in his wealth. While the ethereal beauty Valerie seems innocent enough, a glint in her eyes shows she is hiding something.

Will they trust each other enough to work together?

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