The Royal Wolf and Hades’ Daughter

The Royal Wolf and Hades’ Daughter

Title: The Royal Wolf and Hades’ Daughter

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Author: Sylvaine 8

Status: Completed, PTR

Themes: enemies to lovers, accepting who you are, love over anger


Prince Samuel is set to take over Shadowcreek, but he still battles with insecurities. At twenty-five, he still does not have magical powers – unlike most of his family members. The prince also carries the brunt of Erishkigal’s curse, as he transforms into a wolf during full moons or moments of great anger. Without a pack, he becomes involved with various shifters hunting through the Forests. Some may be deadlier than they first let on.

As the new Shadow King, Samuel also has to deal with further rebellions and an intense hatred for shifters. Even the People of Nowhere start being banished from the forests as new human kings attempt to take over Shadowcreek and the Forests of Mogochislenia. His mother may rule the Above and Beyond, but even she cannot protect him from the new unease that has been spreading across the continent.

An encounter with a beautiful shifter makes him wonder if his current state is not as harsh a punishment as he initially believes. Discovering where her loyalties lie, on the other hand, may make his melancholy turn into a greater rage.