The Royal Witch

Title: The Royal Witch

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Author: Sylvaine 8

Status: COMPLETED, PTR (worth your coins/check the bonus excerpts under the Prologue)

Themes: Coming of age, weak to strong, kickass heroine, hero who learns how to fight, fighting against the system, women’s rights, persecution of witches


Mogochislenia. The patriarchal continent is about to feel a power shift, as King Dante tries to find a husband for her daughter. Women have no right to rule as monarchs. So, they must be wed to someone with a high enough rank.

Kingspell, Dante’s domain, is the highest kingdom of the land. The handsome Prince Killian of Swordsmith is charming enough to tempt Princess Soraya. Still, she is unsure whether he is enchanted by her beauty or the promise of absolute power.

Things get more complicated when she meets Adrian, the stablehand, in a mysterious cabin that seems to be hidden from non-witches. It makes her question her legacy. Is she a witch? Witches are burnt, and women have no power.


Will she lose the others if she leans towards one?

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