The Royal Wolf and Hades’Daughter Update

I have just sent the full outline (chapters with descriptions) to my editor. By the looks of it, it will be longer than The Royal Witch (possibly at 90 plus episodes.) The Royal Witch went up to 138000 plus words, and the sequel may go up to 175000 or more if my calculations could be trusted.

Anyway, I am happy with it so far. It is going to be a slow burn like The Royal Witch, but I am aiming for more romantic interludes without affecting the plot, of course.

The plot is always king. However, I am also more aware of my target audience at this point. The romance will be better highlighted, but there will still be world-building (kingdoms, hatred towards a certain group (shifters, instead of witches), other creatures, and more compelling characters.

More episodes will be released later this month, but daily updates will begin in December. It is going to be a long journey ahead.