The Pay to Read Decision

My first book is going on PTR soon. It is not an easy decision, especially since my book is not about a particularly popular topic. I have no wolves until the sequel. Thus, the constant plea to delay it. My editor (business manager of sorts) is very understanding and has been giving me the best advice IMHO.

Looking back, I chose the medieval setting because I love the idea of chivalry. It was a time when men were still gallant, respecting women and their honor. It also seemed so natural to put in witches. So, yes, it was really the swords and sorcery format that compelled me to write The Royal Witch. It was a whim, really. I did not even know why I started writing. I have a full-time job and even have three regular content writing clients.

I would certainly not say “no” to extra income, but I also realized I would love for more people to read my work first. In the end, though, it is a business and I am under contract. I am afraid of what the PTR switch will do for my book but I eventually have to click on that Apply for V button.

The Royal Wolf and Hades’Daughter Update

I have just sent the full outline (chapters with descriptions) to my editor. By the looks of it, it will be longer than The Royal Witch (possibly at 90 plus episodes.) The Royal Witch went up to 138000 plus words, and the sequel may go up to 175000 or more if my calculations could be trusted.

Anyway, I am happy with it so far. It is going to be a slow burn like The Royal Witch, but I am aiming for more romantic interludes without affecting the plot, of course.

The plot is always king. However, I am also more aware of my target audience at this point. The romance will be better highlighted, but there will still be world-building (kingdoms, hatred towards a certain group (shifters, instead of witches), other creatures, and more compelling characters.

More episodes will be released later this month, but daily updates will begin in December. It is going to be a long journey ahead.