Author: Sylvaine 8

Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance

Status: Free, Ongoing


When warlock king Ardere’s wife dies of childbirth, he seeks the services of a nurse for his newborn son. Because of his temper and the general gloom that takes over the palace, few women volunteer to take on the role. One of them is the pretty Roza, a fairy using a glamor to disguise herself as a mortal woman.

Roza’s former lover Dorian is the king of the fairies. He is disturbed by the climate changes in Prozeus. His hatred, however, goes back centuries, as he blames mortal men for the dire plight of the fairies. He believes that warlocks and demigods have forgotten about the life that was razed by the heat underneath the desert sands. Dorian orders Roza to take Ardere’s baby and use him as a sacrifice to appease their gods. The only other option was to make him serve as a slave. Forever.

The new nurse bides her time, gaining everyones’ trust and love, including the testy Ardere’s own, much to her surprise – and his. She is torn between loyalty to her kind and a love that may raise her from her lowly status. Leaving a changeling will help her keep both, but will she lose Ardere forever when he discovers she is part of a plot against his kingdom?

Triquetra: three interlinked but separate stories, offshoots of Mogochislenia
*planned to be shorter novels, as well (100k or fewer words each)


  1. Lullabye
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Salve