Title: Firebird

Genre: Fantasy romance

Rating: 18+

Author: Sylvaine 8

Status: Free, Completed, will move on to a different platform after proofreading/formatting

Themes: arranged marriage, love after marriage, self-control/power control, opposites attract

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Princess Luella is a fire witch like her mother, but deadlier and out of control due to an ancient witch’s curse. After burning a would-be lover as a teen, she vows not to marry or even get involved with anyone.

Settled into spinsterhood, the twenty-seven-year-old princess is content with her life until drought falls upon Queenspell. Her people blame her, saying that her heat causes the unexpected disaster. The son of King Doro of Arrowspear’s central kingdom of Prozeus, Metheus, offers not only his agricultural expertise but also himself in marriage. He says that he is only interested in the business end of it. He can also offer protection.

The contract rules that the princess lives in two continents, six months in each continent every year. She also transports necessary goods during each turn. It seems to favor both Luella and Metheus. So, she agrees. As she goes beyond his arrogant exterior, she finds herself falling in love with him and seeking the help of Prozeus witches for a cure. However, she discovers that her husband keeps a secret that may change their alliance forever.

This marriage of equals is threatened by secrets, rebellions, and attempted assassinations. In the end, working together may help them achieve peace and love if they can figure out how to shed their pride.