Dance of the Mermaids

Author: Sylvaine 8

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Status: Pay to Read, Ends on the first week of July 2022


Impatience. Sense of adventure.

Both urge the mermaid Fiorentina to dive deeper into the murky ocean depths.

Forbidden. Dangerous.

The mirror of clairvoyance can reveal the future. Fiorentina and her perpetual rival Clara believe that it can reveal the faces of their future husbands.

The dive takes the wayward mermaid to that very mirror. However, it does not reveal her future husband. Instead, it shows dead young human women floating over the surface of the water. Pale, with open, slightly bulging eyes.

One of them has her face.

Frightened but intrigued, Fiorentina takes on her human form to investigate her true identity on land.

A ball is going on at the palace by the shore. A drunken prince beckons her to the party, trying to make her stay.

She cannot.

Sleeping on land means death for mermaids, and half-drunk herself, she is close to shutting her eyes forever. The younger prince Alexander saves her from the clutches of his brother but sees her transform into a mermaid right before she plunges into the ocean.

The initial attraction becomes fury, as the sighting reminds him of his mother’s death by drowning.

“The mermaids were at fault,” they say, and the prince believes them.

So, a cat and mouse game begins as Fiorentina continues to search for answers and Alexander – for revenge. However, both cannot deny that something else pulls them towards each other as their interactions become frequent, something more dangerous – like love.