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Princess Luella is a fire witch like her mother, but deadlier and out of control due to an ancient witch’s curse. After burning a would-be lover as a teen, she vows not to marry or even get involved with anyone. Settled into spinsterhood, the twenty-seven-year-old princess is content with her life until drought falls upon Queenspell. Her people blame her, saying that her heat causes the unexpected disaster.

A prince from another continent, Metheus, offers not only his farming expertise but also himself in marriage. The contract becomes something more as the princess finds himself falling for the stoic prince. Yet, both of them are too stubborn and proud to express their feelings until perhaps it is too late. Forces greater than themselves have gathered, each with a different reason to want Metheus dead. Luella may have to shed her vain and disinterested nature and become who she is meant to be to save him and the two continents that their marriage has united.

Final Curtain mood board

It ends here – pictures show Alexander, Alexandra, Fiorentina (L to R, top); Radina, Elvira, Anthony and Daisy (L to R, bottom)

Alexandra, 18, Alex’s and Fiorentina’s oldest

Radina, 19, Radu’s and Fioera’s oldest

Elvira, 13, Carla and Evan’s oldest

Anthony and Daisy, 12, Alex’s and Fiorentina’s twins