Silver Lining

I got my first book rejection last Friday, 18th February. I kind of expected it because my book does not explore trending themes (CEO, billionaire, werewolves). However, I made a stand for its quality. I always prided myself on being nitpicky with my grammar. My plots are also always unpredictable without being ridiculous. Of course, I am saying all these as the writer. lol.

After my confidence got a brutal kicking and punching, it helped that some readers expressed how they like the story. I am so grateful. I know my story is far from perfect, and I need a professional reader to give it a whipping before I self-publish (Yes, this may finally be my year to gather enough courage to do so.)

To comfort myself, I bought a book cover to give my story a new look. I have been coveting this cover for more than a week, and then I gave in. I thought since I am planning to take my publication future more seriously, I should be more serious with my covers, as well.

Click on the picture to be directed to the story:

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