The Royal Flower Ends Soon

Most of my stories are begun without much planning, but they managed to be published on Dreame, with minimal errors. I went back to guiltily fix those errors, by the way. It would be great to have an extra pair of eyes.

I publish my episodes so as soon as I had a little bit of an idea what I needed to do. My first one, The Royal Witch, somehow made it intact with twists and turns in the end. My characters have a tendency to do their own thing, based on their personalities.

Emotions, emotions, emotions

I tend to go emotional. I just did not know that I was expressing those emotions properly until I have received readers’ comments. Yes, I was afraid that I started sounding mechanical and academic because I get very plot-driven.

A Steamy Experience

At first, I was not sure if I wanted to continue writing The Royal Flower. It is outside of my comfort zone, with its alternating first-person POVs and more graphic sensual scenes. It goes against my usual slow-burn romance tendencies.

But here is the thing, as I got to know Carolina and Daniel, they have become more than just an experiment to see if readers will be more eager to read a steamier book. I am writing for an app wherein steamy books with wolves reign supreme.

I went with steamy, but I turned the shifter theme on its head. Hey, what if the character turned into something else – not a creature, but a plant? Sounded like a good joke at first – like an excuse to get a character naked – but then I’ve read about mimics and how they could transform, but not into creatures.

Carolina and Daniel

Carolina and Daniel have also become so real to me that I know how they will act in certain situations. The sex that happens does not feel forced because I have an innocent Medieval princess and an ex-monk who does not have enough experience, beyond one previous relationship with a dominant, seductive woman. Their physical connection takes on a more personal and emotional aspect, as they try to discover more about themselves, their wishes, and desires.

Does this Dreame book interest you? It is still free on the Dreame app for a few more days, as of writing.

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