Sylvaine 8, Web Novel Writer

Welcome to the Official Website of Sylvaine 8.

Yes, I am Sylvaine 8, a web novel writer on Dreame, and hopefully one day, elsewhere.

What can you expect from this author page? You will get regular updates on what I am currently working on, mainly via the Dreame app.

I grew up reading fantasy and horror, but while I was taking my MFA classes, I also realized that the core romance in a story can make people “feel” more for the characters.

After all, aren’t we all involved in some kind of relationship (not necessarily romantic?) We want to know more about the people going through the motions (action, adventure, etc.). We also need to know our audience well.



Writing for Dreame means knowing who reads the app, without shedding all that I am as a writer. It is about compromise, highlighting the romance (sweet and steamy alike) while also keeping the writing to a certain standard that I am happy about. Truth be told, I am still an amateur writer. I have ghostwritten novellas and e-books, wrote short stories, and a screenplay for MFA classes, but this is my first time writing full-length, creative romantic pieces for a possibly greater audience.

I do not have a lot of followers yet as a web novel writer, as of writing, and my books are still mainly unknown but I am still eager to keep on working towards my goals. What drives me the most is that I do enjoy the process. I now have a better appreciation for Dreame writers, as I officially become one of them last August 2021, when my first book was signed.

I did not know it could be this enjoyable! It does not feel like work at all. In fact, I write after hours. I am a full-time teacher and proofreader/copywriter. I may even take my Ph.D. soon if I can survive all of these.

Happy reading! The Book page provides you links to the books’ Dreame sites. The Blog lets you into my thoughts. I write and design everything, but would be happy to get some feedback on how I can improve my site.

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